Teenagers and part time jobs
Fecha: Tuesday, 29 March 2022 @ 21:31:17
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Believe it or not, the National Student Money Survey this year revealed that 66% of students in the UK are working on a part-time job. But personally, I think that they should not work for some reasons.


The main reason is that students have less time for different activities that are too important for a teenager. For example, spending time with the people you love or doing something you like. As a result, they waste a lot of time working to gain money instead of enjoying their free time either with friends, family, or hobbies.  

Another reason is that student's routine can dramatically change If they work more than normal with the hope of gaining more money. For instance, instead of working only in one single job, they could work in two. As a result, apart from not having time for almost nothing, it is exhausting.

To sum up, youth is once in life and the best you can do is to enjoy because you sure would have a lot of time to work and gain money.


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