Keep Healthy

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Having the courage to resist in every situation is important, and even tough life is sometimes hard, we have to continue our way.

Being relaxed, in peace, without any distraction is something great, but nowadays it's quite difficult to find a moment for ourselves among so much... "annoying noise", so today I'm going to show a few tips that can help to chill out.

1, The first tip is to do sport. Doing sport and leaving our house, having a little of sunlight and fresh air is the first and best way to remove any tension in our body, even if it seems discouraging at first, it is indeed the best way of feeling satisfied and happy! Curiously, the most practised sports are: Yoga, pilates and running, and all can be practised at home!

2.The second tip is meeting friends. Having a good time with your mates is wonderful, you can play games, you can meet in a bar and talk about your life or how bad the world is currently, or even chat on-line on skype! This tip is suggested by the WHO (World Health Organization)!

3.And the last tip is to sleep more. Sleeping is the most important and efficient way to rest and get energies. Furthermore it is a very important stage in our lives. While you're asleep, what has been learned in the day is consolidated, and our body's tissues are repaired faster. Curiously, if you don't sleep for a couple of days you could have hallucinations and a bad time!

I hope these tips will help you to know a little more about relaxing, and remember, being stressed all day is very harmful for your health, and even more with this pandemic outside, please, be healthy!